Confesses To Using Bots & Pretend Profiles


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Can you honestly meet locals on ? Is it really a legitimate hook-up site or is it a well-disguised scam giving you the appearance of legitimacy while trying to scam you behind the shadows? We answer all those questions and more in our detailed investigation that you can read below.

Who Would Contact A 77 Year Old Man? Bots Or Women?

What do we in our investigations is join the site like any regular web user would and we create an account. But… when we list our age we’ve devised a technique that provides proof showing If the site is real or a sham. What we do is list our age as a senior citizen. In this particular case we listed our age as 77 years old.

Why is this important?

This is an important step in our investigation because logic would tell you that we shouldn’t be receiving messages from women in their 20s when our profile shows us as 77 years old. On top of that is the fact that we haven’t even upload any photographs in our profile. Then you need to ask yourself a question who would contact a 77 year old man who doesn’t have any photographs in his profile and no information?

What female is that desperate that they need to go out of their way to initiate a conversation with a senior citizen who has no pictures on his profile page? This makes absolutely no sense at all! The reason it makes absolutely no sense is because there isn’t a 20 year old hottie sending us email messages. The truth of the matter is that is using sophisticated computer bots (a software application that runs automated tasks such as emailing people) that have been created to mimic real people. These computer software programs have been created specifically to send fictitious email messages to people who register on the site. That’s the number one reason why we’re getting email messages even though we have no information and we are listed as a 77 year old man.

This is strike one against that proves it’s not a legitimate dating service. You can take a look at the screenshot that we’ve provided of our profile showing exactly what we’ve claimed (no pictures and our age is 77 years old).

(Screenshot of the profile we made from this review.)

Proof Of Girls Messaging A 77 Year Old Man

Here is something else that is a head shaker and something we’ve already discussed. The messages that we’re getting on this website are coming from young girls in their twenties and thirties. These women are supposedly messaging a 70 year old man to hook up with him. We know from the terms and conditions page that the administrators of use automated bots to send people instant messages, emails and all other types of communication. You can take a look at the screenshot below showing that we’ve got at least five messages from different women that are interested in getting to know us even though we’ve listed ourselves as a 77 year old man. To break it down this is not actually happening. As we’ve already stated its computer software programs that are being used to deceive people into believing they’re getting real messages from women who want to hook up with them. However if you try to reply to any email messages you’ve gotten from these women you can’t unless you pay an upgraded fee. This is the number one reason that they send fictitious messages to male members, it’s to trick you into upgrading and buying a paid subscription to their site. This is strike two against Lusty Locals.

Bogus messages
(Screen shot of the 17 messages from bots programs not real women.)

Below we’ve include another screenshot showing the various fake profiles used in conjunction with the automated computer bots to essentially sell us an upgraded membership. Remember you can’t reply to any emails on this website unless you have a paid upgraded subscription.

(Screenshot of the messages from bots.)

Pretend Profiles Made Solely To Mislead You

The female profile pages that you see on are all rigged, it’s all one big lie. All the pictures, all the information everything is fabricated. It’s all done in an attempt to make you believe that Lusty Locals has an endless amount of local girls ready to have sex with you at the drop of a dime. Unfortunately none of this is true.

While the website tries to give you the perception that horny girls are everywhere it’s just not the case. They try to build up their website using made up profiles created by their own staff to make everyone think the unthinkable. There are no women on the site looking to hook up with you. As much as you may want to believe it all of this is a mirage. This illusion has been created to build up a dating site where there is none. Without real women this website shouldn’t even exist. The dating site’s operators have a trick up their sleeve to make you think that the profile pages of hot looking girls are real. In their own terms and conditions page (section 1) they have outlined and admitted all of this. They tell us that they create profiles that are fabricated and managed by their own employees.

Proof Where Some Of The Profile Photos Are Copied From

Below we’ve listed screenshots of phony profiles using photographs from stock image sites. A stock image site is a website where are you can either purchase or get for free images that you can use on a website or an advertisement etcetera. The point we’re trying to make is that these pictures are not of real women who have registered on The staff of Lusty Locals (or someone who works on behalf  the company) have gone to the stock image sites and copied these photos then created fake profiles. You can take a look at the links that we have provided below which show you the exact locations where these fake profile photos are found on stock image sites. This only goes to prove even further that you not dealing with a real dating service! Strike 3 your out.

(Screenshot of a phony profile using a photo from a stock image site.)


(Screenshot of a phony profile using a photo from a stock image site.)


The Terms Page Is Where All The Proof Is

In the last part of our investigation we’d like to discuss the terms and conditions page. The terms and conditions is something you need to agree to before you are allowed access to the members area of The idea here is that you need to understand and read the terms and conditions page to gain access to the website. Obviously 99% of the people reading this have never read the Lusty Locals terms and conditions and that’s exactly how the operators of the website want it.

In one section of the terms and conditions page they admit that they do create profiles which are maintained and operated by their employees. They also confessed that they use an automatic pop-up notification system and other communication channels to send you emails, instant messages and activity alerts to you. They use all of this is to boost interaction between their members which essentially means driving you to an upgrade page where you need to purchase a membership so you can interact with other members on the site. Some of these members are of course fictitious as already stated. You can read the most damning parts of the terms and conditions page below or click on this link to be taken directly to their website.

  • We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”). The purpose of these Staff Profiles is to enable us to ensure our Services are operating properly by testing the Services, features and functionalities, and to research our products and Services.
  • To boost interaction between our members and in order to notify them of newly registered matches and any activity of that new user (i.e. registration, photo upload etc.) we may, from time to time, use an automatic pop up notification system and other communication channels e.g. inbox or instant messages to send Activity Alerts to you.
  • …Some auto generated Activity Alerts may require an upgraded Paid Membership in order to see the content of message and reply to it.

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